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Renting An Exotic Car Is Sure To Impress

Making a good first impression is something that you only have once chance at. In the business world, a great first impression can lead to successful partnerships and new clients. It is imperative to give them a lasting impression and to make sure that you are stand out. One way to do this is to arrive at the airport to pick up a client, in a spectacular vehicle. It is possible to rent amazing vehicles from the Signature Car Collection. Imagine arriving at the airport, behind the wheel of an Aston Martin or a Maserati. This is something that is sure to give you an edge when meeting a new client. These rentals are also perfect for occasions such as a wedding, anniversary or a marriage proposal.

In order to rent one of these luxurious vehicles, one must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver's license. Proof of full coverage insurance also needs to be provided. A clean driving record is a must and a valid debit or credit card must be provided. The cost of the rental will depend on the model chosen. Weekend rentals are usually the norm, but one can rent the vehicle for a longer time as well. An exotic car rental is perfect for a special weekend getaway or for business purposes.

Some of the cars available for rental include the Lamborghini LP 560 Spyder, the Maserati MC Stradale, Mercedes Benz S550 w/ AMG Package, the Ferrari Scuderia 16M Spider and many more. These luxury rental cars nyc can give one the experience of a lifetime. They are built for luxury and performance. Imagine going from 0-60 in three seconds flat. Most people never get the opportunity to drive an exquisite vehicle such as these cars. One can expect to pay about $3300 for a weekend rental. The cost varies depending on the model chosen. The average rental period is two days, but one can choose to rent a car for a longer period of time.

An exotic car rental is a great way to make any occasion special. It is also perfect for impressing an important business client. Whatever the reason for the rental, it is important to enjoy the experience. Driving this type of car is something that most only dream of. One should be ready for a lot of attention because these cars are not something that is seen every day. It is definitely a great opportunity to experience the sheer power and performance these cars offer.